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In the ever-changing landscape of Internet marketing, integrating your web site with social media channels is paramount to your success. Social media marketing is more than throwing up a post on Facebook once a month or once a week. It's more than Tweeting when the urge strikes. To truly succeed, a business needs to have a concerted plan: every post, every Tweet, every blog article must work to sell your products and services. If your social media content isn't driving people to your site or to your door, then there is no point in doing it at all... but you can't leave all those potential customers to go to your competition!

What do you do?

Hire Crescent Moon Design Studio.

Here at, we research your current and potential audiences and target markets. We find out what they're looking for so that they can find you... even if they haven't searched Google for it yet! We find ways to market you and your products and services to the people who want to spend their money at your business. Then, we take it a step farther and create interesting, shareable content that will make your audience share your content with their friends! It's FREE ADVERTISING!

Crescent Moon Design Studio's content creation services do double duty: promoting you, your business, and your products and services, and drawing in NEW customers... customers you might never have thought to advertise to: followers, friends, and family of customers you already have when your content gets shared... as well as carefully researched and targeted markets, including ad placements in new an unusual venues.

We create content as small as a viral hashtag or a Tweet to content as large as a documentary or whitepaper. Videos, jingles, graphics, and more integrate seamlessly with traditional marketing, as well! Brand your business with the same look and feel throughout all your marketing: your brochures reference your web site and social media channels; your flyers promote your Internet marketing... and vice versa!

Social media marketing and content is more than having an employee make a post whenever they have a spare minute. It's more than posting about a sale once or twice per year. Not taking Internet marketing and social media seriously is literally just leaving money on the table. Having a plan and knowing how to integrate it is the key to your success, and can make it happen for YOU!

Put your web site on the fast lane to success! Give us a call at (208) 443-7695 or send us an e-mail to get a free, no obligation quote.