Social & Content Marketing

"Social marketing" and "content marketing" seem to be the new buzzwords in SEO circles, but, in reality, social marketing has been around a long time. In the modern context, social marketing is about getting content on networking web sites. The content needs to be timely, relevant, and, most of all, useful to your end users. The goal is for those users to not only use your service or buy your product, but to then share your information with their friends... who will share with their friends... and so on and so forth. Content can be anything from a short social media post on Twitter or Facebook to a full-length article to a blog post to a video, a jingle, a whitepaper, graphics, infographics, product photos, and much more.

But if you're not sure whether you need "friends" or "followers"... if you don't know a hashtag from a tweet... if you don't know whether it's a good thing to "digg" or "bury" something... CMDS' social marketing plans might be for you.

We will work with your budget and come up with a social marketing plan that's right for you. We'll create outstanding content that people will want to share and link to, including blog articles, YouTube videos, Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, and make connections across all social marketing platforms to get your name out there. CMDS will implement creative advertising - such as coupons, FourSquare deals, and video "Easter eggs," to name just a few ideas - to attract customers to your web site and/or store.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote or request one of our economical, pre-made social marketing plans. You will be glad you did!