Copy Writing Services


Do you have trouble putting your ideas on paper? Maybe you need to have a report into your office by Monday, but you're scheduled to go to the lake with the family over the weekend. Perhaps you're looking for an article on a certain topic for your magazine, but you don't know who to hire for the job.

Look no further.

Here at Crescent Moon Design Studio, no writing project is too large or too small. We want to help you communicate your ideas clearly, either in print or online. We ask what your goals are, and we communicate with you throughout the entire process. And, effective copywriting brings you sales, not only in print, but on the web as well. Did you know that effective copywriting is becoming one of the best ways for customers to find you? With one of the fastest turnaround times anywhere, you can rest assured that your project, web site, or article is in the right hands when you give it to Crescent Moon Design Studio.

Crescent Moon Design Studio's copywriting services not only create text with clear, concise meaning and straightforward language, but can also bring hundreds of customers to your door. Put your web site on the fast lane to success! Give us a call at (208) 443-7695 or send us an e-mail to get a free, no obligation quote.